The simple steps to selling

List it

whatever you are offering, simply snap a couple of pictures, compose an unmistakable portrayal and take after our custom-made proposals. At that point watch it offer!

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Ship it

izooQ marks is the ideal transportation arrangement. Prinnt marks, appreciate reduced rates and timetable pickup, all from your telephone or PC.

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Get paid

Paypal is the simple, secure approach to get your cash speedier. Agree to accept free today.

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Creating items/products descriptions

Accurate descriptions help buyers shop with confidence. Create detailed listings with photos and descriptions that match exactly. Make sure to include the brand, style, and model number. Describe any flaws or defects honestly, and never describe a pre-owned item as new.

Catchy title phrase

Ask yourself what words you would use in a search engine if you were a buyer looking for your item. Because your title has a powerful effect on how the listing displays in search results, be sure to include important words like brand name, size, or other descriptors a buyer will be looking for.

Create item category

Always list your item in the most relevant category. When your item fits multiple categories, you can list it in each one for an additional fee, though listing your item in unrelated categories violates eBay policy.

Create Subtitle category

Subtitles show up in search results and make your listings stand out before buyers even click. While you're charged a fee for subtitles, they're a great way to provide buyers with more detail and item specifics.

Powerful product image

The more high-quality pictures in your listing, the more likely buyers will be to purchase your item. Follow our image-taking tips, and your pictures will be worth more than just a thousand words.

Create listings that sell

Improve your seller rating and keep buyers satisfactory by accurately describing your items condition.